About Water Fantasy


"Water Fantasy" is a  presentation of liquid animation created by lightshow artist Tali Elohev

Artist Tali Elohev paints on water. The use of water as a painting "surface" enables her to tie colors and light with phenomena associated with flow of fluids. The result is an interplay of the elements which spawns a natural visual art form: liquid-art or water- art. Process-oriented in nature, the only constant in this art fom is mutability: currents, ripples and waves generate constantly changing textures, which nevertheless abide by a mysterious natural regularity. Inside an illuminated bowl of water situated atop an overhead projector, colorful ephemeral art work is created, exists for a moment, dissolves and reappear as natural "animation" projected on a screen as it evolves. Whirling, dripping and sprinkling of liquid paints and other materials produce fascinating natural phenomena which infuse the work with an added, mystical dimention. This dynamic accurrence reflects the stream of thoughts and feelings which artist and viewers experience as they encounter the basic elements of water, color, and light in the audio-visual show Water Fantasy performed to live audience. 




"Water Fantasy" was performed in leading museums & cultural centers throughout Israel, in schools, resorts, festivals, commercial events, and in collaboration with classical music, dance, fashion shows, circus and Television.